Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Vince Francone Reveals his Writing Process

Now it can be told...

My Writing Process

Recently I sat in on a class and observed a colleague ask her students to describe their writing processes.  I decided to play along and write a few sentences detailing mine, though I didn’t share them with the class.  Instead, I’ll share them here:

1.   I have an idea.  

2.   I think (too long) about the idea, usually while riding the train home. 
3.   I forget the best parts of the idea and means of execution during the walk from the train station to my apartment. 
4.   If I am lucky, I remember some of the idea after walking the dog and fixing a drink and maybe some food. 
5.   I scribble some nonsense. 
6.   Eventually, I turn the nonsense into actual sentences and paragraphs. 
7.   I get lazy and defensive during the editing stage. 
8.   I succumb to doubts and fears and remain inactive for days. 
9.   Alcohol.
10. I suspend my ego and take editorial advice seriously. 
11. I regain my ego and combat the advice. 
12. I temper my ego and make the edits that make sense. 
13.  I rediscover that I am genius. 
14.  I am humbled by the lack of recognition of my genius. 
15.  I collect enough rejection slips to rebuild a rainforest. 
16.  I decide to stop writing altogether. 
17.  I write a blog post. 

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